Standard ML of New Jersey version 0.93

Standard ML of New Jersey version 0.93

February, 1993

Standard ML of New Jersey, version 0.93, is now available for FTP. This is the first general public release since version 0.75, and there are a number of substantial improvements:

  • there are almost no remaining bugs,
  • less space is taken up for both compilation and execution,
  • several new machines are supported,
  • extensive documentation is provided, and
  • several experimental language extensions are provided.
  • The distribution also contains:
  • an extensive library - The Standard ML of New Jersey Library, together with detailed documentation.
  • CML - Concurrent ML
  • eXene - an elegant interface to X11 (based on CML)
  • SourceGroup - a separate compilation and "make" facility
  • SML/NJ 0.93 has been tested on these machine/OS combinations:
  • Sun M680x0/SunOS (x >= 2)
  • HP M680x0/HPUX[6,7,8] **
  • NeXT M68040/NeXTStep[2.0,3.0]
  • Apple M680x0/AUX[3.0]
  • Apple M680x0/MacOS
  • Sun SPARCstation/SunOS[4.1.1, 4.1.3]
  • DEC Mach
  • MIPS MIPS/RiscOS[4.51,4.52]
  • SGI MIPS/IRIX[4.0.x]
  • Sony MIPS/Sony-News
  • IBM RS6000/AIX[3.2]
  • Sequent I386/DYNIX3
  • Intel I[386,486]/BSD/MACH
  • HP HPPA/HPUX[8.0] (beta release) ++ ** marks configurations that have not been tested recently. ++ The HPPA port is known to have a serious bug when compiling large programs, but should be adequate for classroom use.

    Standard ML of New Jersey is distributed free of charge and with no warranty. You may use, copy, modify, and distribute the software provided that you preserve the copyright notice and don't mention various company names in your advertising.

    The distribution files are in gzipped tar files (except README and release-notes.{txt,ps}) found at URL:
  • general information
  • Postscript version of Release Notes
  • raw text version of Release Notes
  • source code for the compiler
  • documentation directory (manpages, papers, help, ...)
  • tools directory (mlyacc, twig, sourcegroup, ...)
  • contributed, unsupported software
  • object files for the MC68020 (Sun-3, HP, Sony, etc.)
  • object files for the SPARC (Sun-4)
  • object files for the little-endian MIPS (DECstation)
  • object files for the big-endian MIPS (MIPS, SGI)
  • object files for the RS6000
  • object files for the Intel 386
  • object files for the HPPA
  • files for the Macintosh under MacOS (binhexed self-extracting archives)
  • files for the Macintosh under MacOS packaged as a compressed tar file
  • the Standard ML of New Jersey Library
  • Concurrent ML
  • eXene - a multithreaded X Windows toolkit
  • You will need at least the 93.src.tgz file and the files for the machines on which you intend to install the software. Further installation instructions are in the README and in the releaseNotes.{ps,txt} directory.

    New releases of our software are announced in the netnews group

    If you have questions or problems, please send mail to .

    Dave MacQueen
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