SML/NJ Bugs and Bug Reporting

This page provides pointers to the SML/NJ bug records and bug reporting instructions.

Reporting Bugs

There are currently two ways to report bugs to the SML/NJ developers: by emailing a form, or by filling out a report using the online bug report form. For email reports, the file "bug-report-form" contains a sample bug report form with explanations for the various fields. Bug reports should be mailed to:
Before mailing a report, please check out the existing bug reports to see if your problem is covered. But when in doubt, please do not hesitate to submit a report, since even redundant reports can provide useful information or additional test cases. Of course, the most helpful bug reports are those accompanied by a succinct bit of code that manifests the bug. (Actually, that's not quite right -- the most helpful bug reports are those with the "Fix" field filled in!)
  • bug-report-form
  • Bug Tracker

    New bug reports are being kept in a GForge issue tracker. The bug lists documented below still contain open bugs prior to adoption of the new bug tracker (around the 110.70 timeframe and earlier).

    Bug Lists

    The SML/NJ bug reports are split into files with at most 200 bug reports each, so that each file will be of a manageable size. The files are named "bugs.0001-0200", "bugs.0201-0400", etc. They contain the cumulative record of all bugs ever recorded; most of these bugs have been fixed.

    All the bugs that are currently open are listed in the file "openbugs", while the file "sortedbugs" contains a prioritized list of open bugs.

  • openbugs
  • sortedbugs
  • flint-bugs
  • bugs.0001-0200
  • bugs.0201-0400
  • bugs.0401-0600
  • bugs.0601-0800
  • bugs.0801-1000
  • bugs.1001-1200
  • bugs.1201-1400
  • bugs.1401-1600
  • bugs.1601-1800
  • Test Suites

    The collection of test cases for bugs is provided in the compressed tar file tests.tgz. These tests are used as part of the regression test suite for the compiler. Some other specialized test suites are also listed here.
  • tests.tgz
  • tests.special.tgz
  • tests.lazy.tgz
  • Future of Bug Reporting

    Within one or two release cycles, we plan to review and migrate the textual bug lists to our GForge issue tracker.
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