Obtaining and Installing SML/NJ

This page covers some basic questions on how to obtain the SML/NJ system and how to install it.

How do I get the SML/NJ distribution?

The files making up the SML/NJ distribution can be downloaded from the main distribution directory at

or from various mirror sites. See the instructions on our Software web page and the 110-README.

What does the SML/NJ system consist of?

SML/NJ 110 provides a native code compiler that can be used interactively and can also build stand-alone applications, along with a programming environment made up of various tools (CM, ML-Lex, ML-Yacc, CML, eXene, etc.), and a collection of libraries (smlnj-lib).

What platforms does SML/NJ run on?

See the list of platforms supported in the 110-README.

How do I install SML/NJ?

Consult the installation instructions web page.

Dave MacQueen
Last modified: Thu Feb 18 13:52:06 EST 1999