Standard ML of New Jersey

The PROF_CONTROL signature


signature PROF_CONTROL

The ProfControl structure is for internal use by the compiler. Programmers who want execution profiles of their programs should use the Compiler.Profile structure.


val getTimeArray : unit -> int array
val profMode : bool ref
val current : int ref
val profileOn : unit -> unit
val profileOff : unit -> unit
val getTimingMode : unit -> bool
val getQuantum : unit -> int
datatype compunit
  = UNIT of {base : int, size : int, counts : int Array.array, names : string}
val runTimeIndex : int
val minorGCIndex : int
val majorGCIndex : int
val otherIndex : int
val compileIndex : int
val numPredefIndices : int
val units : compunit list ref
val reset : unit -> unit
val spaceProfiling : bool ref
val spaceProfRegister : ((Unsafe.Object.object * string) -> Unsafe.Object.object) ref


val getTimeArray

val profMode

val current

val profileOn

val profileOff

val getTimingMode

val getQuantum

datatype compunit

val runTimeIndex

val minorGCIndex

val majorGCIndex

val otherIndex

val compileIndex

val numPredefIndices

val units

val reset

val spaceProfiling

val spaceProfRegister

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