The SML/NJ Library

The SML/NJ Library consists of the following components The documentation for the SML/NJ Library is incomplete. However, much of the Util component and the RegExp component of the library are covered in the SML/NJ Library Manual. For documentation of Util modules not covered here, see the comments in the source files for the various signature modules (e.g. src/smlnj-lib/Util/hash-table-sig.sml).

For other components, the corresponding source directories (e.g. src/smlnj-lib/Unix) contain README files, and further documentation can be gleaned from the source files, particularly the signature files.

To assist in converting code from earlier versions of SML/NJ, there is a brief Porting Guide that lists name changes, deletions, and additions in the library relative to the 0.3beta release from 1994. This Porting Guide is also found in the smlnj-lib source directory in the file named PORTING.

NOTE:. In order to compile a program that uses the SML/NJ Library under CM, you need to include "" in the program's CM description file. This will work assuming the CM path is set up properly to find the standard libraries; if not, you may have to set the path manually (CM.set_path) or via the CM_PATH environment variable.

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