Standard ML of New Jersey

The SYS_INFO signature


signature SYS_INFO
structure SysInfo : SYS_INFO


exception UNKNOWN
datatype os_kind
  = UNIX
  | WIN32
  | OS2
  | BEOS
val getOSKind : unit -> os_kind
val getOSName : unit -> string
val getOSVersion : unit -> string
val getHostArch : unit -> string
val getTargetArch : unit -> string
val hasSoftwarePolling : unit -> bool
val hasMultiprocessing : unit -> bool


exception UNKNOWN

datatype os_kind

getOSKind ()
Tell what operating system ML is running under.

getOSName ()
Return the name of the operating system (e.g. "Solaris", "OSF/1").

getOSVersion ()
Return the operating-system version (e.g., "<unknown>").

getHostArch ()
Return the name of the host architecture (e.g., "ALPHA32").

getTargetArch ()
Get the name of the architecture for which the compiler is generating code (differs from getHostArch() only when cross-compiling).

hasSoftwarePolling ()
Tell whether software polling is installed in the runtime system.

hasMultiprocessing ()
Tell whether multiprocessing support is installed in the runtime system.

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